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What is UV?

What is the difference between UV and No Coating - Standard Gloss?

UV (Ultraviolet Coating) No Coating and Standard Gloss are all abbreviations for the kinds of coating used on our paper. Here are some of the core differences and applications:

UV (Ultraviolet Coating) is a clear liquid spread over the paper like ink and then cured instantly with ultraviolet light. UV coating gives more protection and sheen than either varnish or aqueous coating. Since it is cured with light and not heat, no solvents enter the atmosphere. This coating is the "laminate style" coating that you see on ultra high gloss magazine covers.

No Coating - Standard Gloss simply means that the only coating on the finished product is the natural coating of our stock. No Coating - Standard Gloss should be selected if you don't want your final piece to be extra glossy or if you need to write on the final printed piece.

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